Monday, June 29, 2009


Forgive me. The death of Michael Jackson has been played out for a minute, but it remains a developing story. I'm tired of hearing about it and that's probably because I haven't talked about it. So if you've heard about it and talked about it and had enough, good for you. I hope that tomorrow's breaking news gives you chills the way Michael's life and death did so many people.

I'm not interested in where Mike's kids are going. They have a big family. Those kids will be fine under the circumstances. They will be Jackson's for it's worth. His money and his things aren't really my business. I've never seen any of it. My reason for still thinking about him are same reasons I obsessed over the icon as a child. Not like a Never Never Land child. More like a nappy headed funk loving child. I was into Michael Jackson for the music. For the simple thriller of human nature.

I just want him to rest in peace, which is impossible with everybody still talking about it. So once again, forgive me. But I don't have to discuss the controversy. I want you to understand why I'm still talking about Michael Jackson because it is time to move on.

I've accepted his death. I never met him so I won't miss him like everyone in the world is claiming to do. The part I loved the most about MJ still lives one.

When I heard the news I immediately started jammin' some of his greatest hits. I started with my favorite, Rock With You, from the Off the Wall record. I was no where near ready for what would come next.

First MTV started their Michael Jackson Marathon. Then BET, taking note as usual, began "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough". The songs, the videos, the reactions and stories from the people who knew him brought back some Michael Jackson excitement that most of us hadn't experienced since he was selling out stadiums in the early 90s. My older friends and relatives were done with Michael after Bad, some even after Thriller.

No one hipped me to Michael until 95. I'mma just be straight up. I was born in 1989 which would mean I can't even identify with the release of the aforementioned classics. But I remember Invincible. I bought it with some money I'm sure my mom gave me. I jammed it pretty hard. Mike was just catchy like that. Laugh out loud and keep reading.

I may have been 7 or 8. For whatever reason I still had coloring books with characters who rocked the Afro. I used the brown crayola for most of the books because I was reinventing the Jackson 5 with a purpose. I actually listened to a few of those songs. And for a long time, I was consumed by Michael Jackson. Not the man, the artist. Imagine how relieving it was for a 7 year old kid to hear that ABC was simple as 1 2 3. It even had me thinking love was easy.

I grew up and grew out of my Jackson phase. R&B and Soul was really hot at the time. The Fugees, who also left us too soon, were sort of brilliant. Boyz 2 Men held it down. They paved the way for the Jagged Edges, Dru Hills and 112s of the world. Maybe I was too old to color and cut out characters for them. Perhaps none of the acts that have succeeded the Jackson eras (NOTE: ERAS = 70s, 80s, 90s) measure up to the artistic genius that lived in Michael Jackson.

This past weekend's BET Awards could argue that though. How could I forget about Maxwell? It's only a little lame if you didn't see it since they will re air it at least 20 times. The moment that eclipsed all Michael Jackson moments for me came when Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo performed the Jackson 5's, I'll Be There. What a perfect way to cap off the perfect opportunity to tribute the King. They did an exceptional job, perhaps among the hugest moments in their careers. Foxx obviously has done this before for Ray Charles. Ne-Yo, with his Michael Jackson like hat in his hand, red jacket and all, was the image of the week hands down. RIP Michael Jackson

Since he's gone now, there isn't really a lot to talk about in regard to the man himself. Fortunate for me, there's music to be played for the ages.

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