Friday, April 15, 2011

Sigma Block Party @ Bowers, Fairgrounds later

Sam Houston's Theta Rho Sigmas are having their 13th annual Sigma Block Party in the Bowers Stadium parking lot today from 5:00-7pm. This an event to be highly considered, so read carefully.

There will be free barbecue, free drinks and 365 invites have been confirmed on Facebook. It's the pre-party to the "Collision of the Yard Kings" at the Fairgrounds later tonight.

DJ FED will be in the mix.

Special guests include Nu Alpha Kappas from Texas A&M, Rho Theta Ques from Prairie View, Delta Theta Alphas from TSU plus more.

The Sigmas want to remind people that this is their official Founder's Day celebration.

Contact Julian Williams at for more information.

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